The front door of Renascence House


Renascence, Inc. is a residential reentry center that helps non-violent men on probation or parole from the Alabama Department of Corrections make a successful transition to responsible living in a community. Recognizing that the greatest factors in relapse into crime are: homelessness, unemployment, lack of education, job skills, work history, addiction to drugs or alcohol, and often breakdowns in the family unit, Renascence has designed a program to address each in a holistic manner.

Renascence provides a positive home, a safe community and a structured environment helping ex-offenders obtain and keep employment and live responsibly in society. The program helps former inmates overcome challenges in the areas of work skills and habits, substance abuse, education and family and community responsibilities. Similar to the word "renaissance," the name Renascence (ďreh NAY sonsĒ) means rebirth and was inspired largely by the fresh start the men begin in our program.

The Renascence House, a 12-bedroom Victorian.

This is accomplished by changing an individualís life style through a community of concerned people working together to help themselves and each other.


The community represents a highly structured environment with defined boundaries, both moral and ethical. It employs community imposed sanctions and penalties as well as earned advancement of status and privileges as a part in the recovery and growth process.


Renascence can accommodate up to 12 ex-offenders at a time.  They are required to work or attend school and must pay rent and abide by all house rules.  The residents are expected to stay at Renascence for up to a year.


What is a reentry program? The purpose of a reentry center is to help ex-offenders reenter society in a different way than they left it. When the Alabama Department of Corrections releases a man from prison,he is given a set of clothes to wear, a bus ticket back to the place of his conviction, and ten dollars.  Renascence is more than a halfway house; it is the beginning of a whole new way of life for these former prisoners, a way of life that helps them to understand that they have choices.  And the choices they make can make all the difference.


Being part of something greater than oneself is an especially important factor in facilitating positive growth.

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